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Our Milestones

  • The signing of “Perjanjian Penswastaan Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili” (Privatization Agreement).

  • Commencement of logging operation starting at the central region of LHUS focusing on the production of Acacia logs.

  • The construction of chipping plant in Pasir Gudang port area.

  • First shipment of wood chip to Japan ( 36,000 GMT).
  • The construction of sawmill and second line chipping facility in the forest plantation.
  • The acceptance of “Agroforestry” as one of the elements in forest plantation exercise in Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili.

  • The sales of mixwood chips to a medium density fibreboard (MDF) processing factory, Evergreen Fibre Board (Masai) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tekeuchi MDF Sdn Bhd) and Sabah Forest Industries.
  • The export of sawn timber and pallet in domestic and oversea market.
  • The approval from the State Government via Johor State Forestry Department for the oil palm cultivation in Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili based on Agroforestry concept.
  • The registration of land title was approved for the 2,833 hectares agriculture land for oil palm cultivation.

  • The signing of long term wood chip supply agreement with Japanese buyer.

  • The signing of Perjanjian Ladang Hutan Terosot for the development of approximately 12,141 hectares Timber Latex Clone (TLC) plantation.
  • The commencement of goat farming programme.

  • The establishment of Aramijaya Sdn Bhd head office in Danga Bay, Johor.

  • The planting of Karas trees (Aquilaria sp.) within Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili based on the agroforestry concept.

  • Launch of particle board sales for furniture industry.
  • Aramijaya has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management System status at the Integrated Timber Complex in Pasir Gudang.
  • The implementation of bee farming program under Agroforestry concept.

  • The signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) and Aramijaya for research and development program for Karas and other forest species.

  • Approval by the State Government to form a Joint Management with the State Forestry Department for Kompleks Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili.

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