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Corporate Profile

Aramijaya Sdn Bhd (“Aramijaya”) is a joint venture between YPJ Holdings Sdn Bhd (“YPJH”) , a statutory foundation formed by the Johor State Government and PLS Plantations Bhd (formerly known as Pembinaan Limbongan Setia Bhd), with an equity interest ratio of 30% and 70% in the paid-up share capital, respectively.

Aramijaya is principally involved in the management, operation and maintenance of Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili (LHUS), a Forest Plantation Project that covers a total area of 35,226 hectares, situated within the district of Kota Tinggi and Mersing in the State of Johor, Malaysia. The Company commenced its business operation in December 2002.

With the approved forest plantation management practices (commonly known as Forest Management Plan) and support from the Johor State Forestry Department, Aramijaya has developed a sustainable management of supply chains from harvesting of planted forest to processed-timber products that ensure quality and production efficiency.

The year 2013 marked a 10 year milestone in the history of Aramijaya. Today, Aramijaya is a fully integrated player in the timber supply chain business. The Company cultivates fast-growing timber species in Ladang Hutan Ulu Sedili, harvests and produces sawmill products at its own Integrated Timber Processing Factory in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Besides, the Company continues to pursue innovative approaches and welcomes smart partnerships with any “like-minded” organisations to jointly invest in this Green Business and to develop better standards of sustainable forest products and services in the plantation industry.


  • To become the leader in Sustainable Forest Plantation Management and venture into timber down-stream business - an Integrated Timber Complex which produces high quality and value-added timber products.


  • To contribute towards the reduction and stabilization of Global Warming by minimizing adverse impact towards the surrounding environment.
  • To obtain forest certification for the Forest Plantation project.
  • To comply with our Financial Obligations and Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Zero burning policy.
  • Mechanized planting and harvesting.
  • Maximizing land use by implementing Agro-forestry.
  • Producing better clones of Acacia and other forest species through Research & Development programs.
  • Ulu Sedili Forest Plantation as a ‘Model’ in the Country.


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